LGBTQ Wedding Tips if You're New to this Site

This site is intended to be a resource for wedding professionals and media who are interested in learning more about same-sex weddings and improving their ability to communicate and build a rapport with couples. That said, since I actually PLAN lots of weddings, I don't have as much time to keep this updated as I'd like!  Here are some resources to get you started:

  • Data - We collect our own gay wedding data, but there's also some from the Williams Institute, Forbes and others

  • Our App - it's a free download for iPhones and iPads and is a great tool for wedding planning

  • Certificate Course - We offer an online course which covers everything you need to know about LGBTQ weddings (and more!)

Additionally, here are some of the most popular blog posts from the past 12 years of blogging about LGBTQ weddings for wedding vendors:

Please don't hesitate to contact us or ask if you have any burning questions!

Note: an older version of this first appeared a few years ago