Photo by Silver and Salt Studio

Photo by Silver and Salt Studio

LGBTQ Weddings in 2018: a Survey of Same-sex and Queer Identified Couples

Data from the 2018 LGBTQ Wedding Survey with Community Marketing, Inc.

  • 74% of LGBTQ couples are paying for the wedding entirely themselves  

  • 56% of LGBTQ have the emotional support of at least one set of parents

  • LGBTQ are expecting an average of 92 guests at their wedding

  • 55% of couples are looking for vendors in LGBTQ specific resources.

  • 44% of same-sex couples and 61% of transgender / non-binary couples were afraid of rejection based on sexual orientation/gender identity. 20% experienced rejection or negativity and 4% were unsure.

  • 88% find it very important that a vendor serves and supports our weddings

  • 83% want to see images of other LGBTQ couples on a business’s website, with 79% looking for inclusive text on the home page.

  • Only 6% of same-sex couples read wedding magazines and only 9% read wedding blogs.

  • 89% of LGBTQ couples do not have their ceremony in a place of worship

For even more data, contact us and we’ll share the full report.