photo by Lisa Rigby

photo by Lisa Rigby

Website Review, Coaching & Consulting

Website & Marketing Review

For those of you who are wondering why your phone isn't ringing and your inbox isn't filling up with inquiries from engaged same-sex couples, maybe you should take a look at your website and other marketing materials. Or better yet, have us take a look at it for you. Your marketing may be inadvertently turning off engaged same-sex couples. We'll take a look at your website and all of your other marketing materials including any profiles on TheKnot, Wedding Wire and other sites and examine them for their readiness to attract LGBT couples. 

If you're concerned about how you're missing out on this business opportunity, we can help. Our marketing review is just $379 and can be scheduled at your convenience. We'll start with an introductory phone meeting to get all the appropriate URLs and marketing materials, and then we'll dig deep into the analysis, then prepare a report with areas for improvement and action items, and review that with you during a second meeting. Contact us for more information! 


We are available to re-write the content in your marketing materials and contracts to make them inclusive of all couples, not just heterosexual couples. We'll write copy with great same-sex wedding SEO that puts your business near the top of Google and we can edit blog posts and expert articles to make the content inclusive.

Secret Shopping

Put your front-line staff to the test. When two women walk into a meeting at your property, does your staff assume one of the women is the Maid of Honor or a sister? What questions does your staff ask and how do they recover from awkward situations? Is your team accidentally offending potential clients? The Equality Institute can provide secret shoppers to evaluate your staff in person or on the phone. We will provide detailed reports so you can ensure your team is prepared and doesn’t lose business for your firm. 

Questions? Email Bernadette directly.