LGBT Wedding Data

Data Compiled by the Gay Wedding Institute in conjunction with Community Marketing, WeddingWire and GayWeddings.com

This data represents couples married or engaged between June 2013 and June 2016.
  • 74% of same-sex couples are paying for the wedding entirely themselves  
  • 55% of same-sex couples have the emotional support of at least one set of parents
  • Same-sex couples are expecting an average of 94 guests at their wedding
  • 25% of same-sex couples have no attendants/wedding party  
  • 55% of same-sex couples are looking for vendors in LGBTQ specific resources.
  • 52% were afraid of rejection based on sexual orientation/gender identity.12% know they were rejected by vendors and 13% suspect but are not sure (this arises when vendors don't return calls or emails to known same-sex couples)
  • 86% find it very important that a vendor serves and supports our weddings
  • 99% found it very positive to see businesses which use same-sex couples or same-sex weddings as part of their marketing campaigns
  • 51% found it challenging to find themselves represented in wedding resources
  • Only 6% of same-sex couples read wedding magazines and only 5% read wedding blogs.
  • 91% of same-sex couples do not have their ceremony in a place of worship  
Additionally, according to Gallup, as of June 2016, there have been 491,000 same-sex couples who legally married, and according to the Williams Institute, $1.3+ billion has been spent by same-sex couples on their weddings from June 2015-June 2016.


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